Pakelo Lubricants Switzerland

To complete an increasing extended diffusion, Pakelo special lubricants, an historic Italian manufacturer active since 1930, are distributed in Switzerland

A century of history

The interesting story of this successful, constantly evolving, company lasts almost a century: years that have seen Pakelo at the service of all the fields where lubrication is vital and where innovative solutions with high performance have done, and they keep making a difference.

Today Pakelo products are available in Switzerland thanks to the exclusive distribution of Precise Technology SA.

International references

Pakelo boasts references, in Italy, Switzerland and all over the international territory, of the highest level: it has been engaged for over 20 years in the F1 World Championship as a technical supplier of teams of primary importance which, also thanks to this partnership, have won numerous world drivers and constructors championships. It is a technical supplier in MotoGP, FIA World Rally and world Kart championships in various classes and displacement and can boast, among the users of its lubricants, about 80% of Formula E teams.

The company, with its lubricants, is also first equipment for prestigious companies including car manufacturers, freight and collective transport, earth moving and industrial applications in the most different fields including that of molds (also in the food industry).

Pakelo oil Switzerland
Pakelo lubricants Switzerland

Main advantages

1) Pakelo lubricants are produced starting from the best selected bases on the world market

2) Pakelo oils are produced "just in time" to offer only fresh products and avoid loss of quality properties

3) Pakelo lubricants have no "recycled bases" that are reconditioned used oil

4) Pakelo oils boast advanced additives with F1 derivation technology

5) Pakelo 100% tracks each package and production samples are retained for 5 years

6) Pakelo lubricants fully meet all international, automotive, industrial, marine and food specifications and approvals

7) Pakelo guarantees real and tangible added value in every application

8) Pakelo oils are bottled in metal packaging for maximum quality

9) Pakelo lubricants have an unbeatable quality/price report

10) Precise Technology SA makes available all the Pakelo range for the Switzerland territory

Choosing Pakelo will allow to benefit from a different, better and elite product; not the usual commercial lubricant but a quality brand that will bring tangible added value

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