Lubricant Analysis

Through the analysis of the used engine oil or transmission lubricant it is possible to determine with precision the state of wear of the engines of supercar or hypercar cars

Precise Technology, thanks to the most modern instruments and a latest generation chemical laboratory configured as one of the best equipped in Europe, can perform targeted analysis on samples of used lubricating oils (engine oils, transmission lubricants, etc) for corporates and private customers.

Precise Technology laboratory for lubricants analysis boasts not only the presence of numerous latest generation technical tools (ICP spectroscopes, FT-IR spectroscopes, particle counters, viscosimeters, etc) but also a database, collected in years of service, that is extremely wide and particularly useful for the comparison of the parameters detected by the analyses themselves.

Engine oil analysis

Through the collected data analysis it is possible to plan actions aimed at preserving the integrity of the engine

Through the lubricant analysis it is possible to diagnose the condition of the engine oil (or transmission oil) itself by identifying the state of chemical physical degradation and the possible presence of contaminants.

Following the lubricant analysis the precise interpretation of the found data helps the customer in the decisions related to the maintenance of the engine from which the lubricant comes in order to preserve its integrity and proper operation over time and avoid failures and wear that could lead to malfunctions and breakdowns.

Plasma Spectroscopic Analysis

Through the spectroscopic analysis of the lubricant, performed by ICP plasma emission spectrometer, it is possible to determine the content of different elements inside the engine oil itself: iron, copper, chromium, aluminum, silicon, lead, etc. Through the values returned by spectroscopic analysis it will be possible to identify the lubrication conditions of the oil and determine the elements of contamination. Starting from the contaminants found in the analyzed lubricant it will be possible to hypothesize what may be the elements of the engine, or transmission, during wear (e.g. presence of chromium exceeding the norm = possible excessive wear of elastic bands; presence of copper and lead exceeding the norm = possible excessive wear of bronzes, etc).

Viscosimetric Analysis

Through the viscosimetric analysis of the lubricant it is possible to measure the degree of viscosity of the engine oil and the consequent viscosity index. This analysis is carried out by measuring the hydrodynamic floating capacity of the oil and its internal friction through the flow time through a calibrated capillary. The measurement takes place in a thermostatic bath at the canonical temperatures of 40 °C and 100 °C, respectively. The analysis returned data can give valuable information about the loss of property of the analyzed lubricant compared to the original conditions.

Infrared Spectroscopic Analysis

Through the extremely high performance Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic analysis of the lubricant (FT-IR) it is possible to identify different parameters within the engine oil such as soot, water, glycol, oxidation, nitrition, sulfation, etc. By analyzing the collected data it will be possible to determine the contamination degree of the oil from fuel, the degradation of anti-wear additives originally present in the lubricant, etc.

Suggested applications

→ Supercar and hypercar cars engine oils
→ Supercar and hypercar cars transmission oils
→ Industrial machinery lubricating oils

Service Advantages

→ Know the mechanical components status
→ Ensure greater efficiency of mechanical components
→ Planning targeted maintenance actions
→ Increase the service life of lubricated components
→ Prevent wear, malfunctions and damages
→ Optimize oil change intervals

Lubricants analysis engine oil

Pick-up and delivery

The headquarter of Precise Technology SA is strategically located in Chiasso so that it can easily serve, through an organized logistics network, the whole Swiss territory, the whole Italian territory and, more generally, all Europe. Thanks to the pick-up and delivery service, the company can offer the lubricant analysis service (engine oils, transmission lubricants, etc) to corporate and private customers located in Italy, Switzerland and all Europe..

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