Shot Peening

Functional/aesthetic treatment for a clean surface

Color: —
Applications: metal alloys of any type
Properties: cleaning, hardening, adherent

The Precise Technology shot peening, perfect for cleaning, also allows to obtain an improvement in the mechanical performance and fatigue resistance of the treated parts

Maximum cleaning

Shot peening, as for sand blasting, can be used for the purpose of physically and chemically cleaning the treated surface (removing scratches, rust, dirt, etc) or to remove pre-existing coatings (e.g. anodizing, galvanizing, copper plating, etc). Shot peening is always preceded by appropriate washing, degreasing and pickling operations with the aim of making the process faster and more effective. The shot blasted parts are finally submitted to a process of ultrasonic and/or solvent washing with the aim of perfectly clean the surfaces and any blind holes from dust residues.

Increased hardness

Thanks to shot blasting, treated components benefit from a surface hardening due to the better distribution of tension on the surfaces (basically altered by thermal treatments or mechanical processes). Shot peening in fact causes a superficial compression, or work hardening, because the impact from the microspheres induces a plastic deformation that is propagated until some tenths of a millimeter of depth in the material obtaining therefore a more compact surface. The details treated with shot peening see tangibly increased their resistance to fatigue.

Shot blasting allows the removal of pre-existing coatings, the obtaining of an homogeneous and pleasant finished-surface and the preparation of the surface for subsequent treatments

Better aesthetic

Shot peening and sand blasting can be used as a final treatment to give a particular finish-surface to stainless steel or aluminum: the metal details treated with shot blasting will have an attractive aesthetic appearance, not reflective and free of scratches and imperfections.

Corrective functionality

Shot blasting can also be successfully used for the elimination of slimes and marks typical of machining processes. In this way the surface corrected with the treatment of shot peening will assume its sinuous original shape.

Adherent properties

Shot peening can play a pre-treatment role in order to give the surface the right roughness and a good anchoring for different subsequent treatments of different nature such as, for example, graphite coating, powder painting, etc.

Selected abrasives and dedicated machinery allow the achievement of the required shot peening level

Sand blasting shot peening

Custom finish

Depending on the type of required finish and the intrinsic characteristics of the components to be treated, the type of abrasive to use is selected and calibrated in order to obtain a shot peening perfectly in line with the needs. Microspheres used during the shot blasting process can be made of different abrasive materials including metal, ceramic, corundum, glass, etc. The microspheres size as well as the pressure at which they are fired out can also be changed in order to optimize the whole shot peening process.

Dedicated machinery

According to the characteristics of the components to be shot blasted, the appropriate machine for the purpose is identified. Precise Technology has got both manual and automatic, in pressure or depression and different sizes shot peening machines. In particular, automatic machines speed up the process of shot blasting on small parts.

Suggested applications

→ Steel or other metals parts (to remove rust, oxidation, painting, dirt, etc)
→ CNC machined parts (to remove slimes, machining witnesses, etc)

Questions to which the treatment answers

→ Which is an alternative and better treatment than sand blasting?
→ Which is an alternative treatment to micro shot peening?

Shot peening sand blasting

Shot peening

Shot peening sand blasting

The synergy between the treatments offered by Precise Technology allows the offer of a service unique in its kind: the possibility of submit the components to two or more treatments in order to follow all the process from beginning to the end and obtain an unsurpassed finished product.

The shot peened elements can receive other coatings such as:
— Super Fin
— Micro Fin
— Harden Black
— Graphite coating or other molybdenum disulphide coatings
— Powder coating

Sand blasting shot peening

Pick-up and delivery at home

The headquarter of Precise Technology SA is strategically located in Chiasso so that it can easily serve, through an organized logistics network, the whole Swiss territory, the whole Italian territory and, more generally, all Europe. Thanks to the pick-up and delivery service, the company can apply shot peening (alternative to sand blasting and micro shot peening) to corporate and private customers located in Italy, Switzerland and all Europe.

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