Powder Coating

Powder coating is a very durable type of painting and is therefore suitable for protecting or reconditioning a very large range of components

Complete process

The workpieces are previously washed, micro shot peened and re-pickled. Then, during the powder coating process, covered with epoxy resin-based coating powder, which adheres by electrostatic effect, and finally cooked in an oven in which the coating melts and polymerizes obtaining a very adherent layer.

Exceptional resistance

The great resistance of powder coating is due to the strong adhesion that coating powder is able to reach with the surface on which it is anchored, to the high thickness (which, in particular, can be calibrated) and to the quality of the polymers themselves.

Multiple polymers

The types of polymers used in powder coating are many and with different peculiarities in order to best fit to any type of application. Specifically, the cooking temperature is a fundamental factor to be considered in particular for applications on light alloys structural parts (especially if casted) where it is not possible to exceed the re-cooking limit of the material itself.

Powder coating applies in every type of field: automotive (cars and motorcycles), industry, food machinery, plant engineering, firearms parts, tools, etc

Heat-resistant polymers

Heat-resistant polymers are available and therefore suitable for coating parts subject to high temperatures such as exhaust pipes, mufflers, plates or welding frames, etc.

Anti-adhesive polymers

A peculiarity often required in powder coating is the anti-adhesive capacity in particular on welding frames for thermoforming machines, tray sealers, fillers and other machinery in the food and industrial fields; this type of application uses PTFE® based polymers that have both temperature resistance and intrinsic anti-adhesiveness.

Anti-abrasive polymers

In applications where is required high corrosion resistance, elasticity, considerable hardness and anti-abrasive properties the Rilsan® polymer is used; it is also particularly suitable for powder coating of automotive details, food, oil plant, etc.

Powder coating is offered in a wide range of colors, shades and finishes

Powder coating

Brand new components coating

The powder coating service is applicable to brand new components configured as a final cycle or as a part of the production cycle. Precise Technology SA is able to handle small or large quantities lots, from single piece to thousands without any limitations.

Used components coating

Powder coatings are also offered as reconditioning of used components of any field for the restoration of cars, motorcycles or remaking of industrial parts. Precise Technology SA can protect worktops and other parts from the painting in order to maintain their original geometry.

Suggested applications

→ Car components
→ Motorcycle components
→ Industrial components
→ Car cylinder-heads
→ Car valve covers
→ Cars and motorcycles cylinder blocks and engine bases
→ Car anti-roll bars
→ Car suspension triangles
→ Car crank shafts
→ Car rear chassis
→ Car transmission axle shafts
→ Car differentials

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Powder coating

Powder coating

Powder coating

The synergy between the treatments offered by Precise Technology allows the offer of a service unique in its kind: the possibility of submit the components to two or more treatments in order to follow all the process from beginning to the end and obtain an unsurpassed finished product.

The elements intended for powder coating can be previously:
— Solvent or ultrasonic cleaned
— Re-pickled from previous treatments
— Micro shot peened
— Anodized with Black Ox

Powder coating

Pick-up and delivery

The headquarter of Precise Technology SA is strategically located in Chiasso so that it can easily serve, through an organized logistics network, the whole Swiss territory, the whole Italian territory and, more generally, all Europe. Thanks to the pick-up and delivery service, the company can apply the powder coating treatment to corporate and private customers located in Italy, Switzerland and all Europe.

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