Laser Welding

Laser welding offers multiple advantages compared to traditional welding, such as TIG welding

Thin thickness

Thanks to Laser welding technology it is possible to carry out repairs that are not possible using traditional welding techniques; for example on extremely thin thicknesses on aluminium: situation that through the TIG would lead to melting and punctures in the wall.

Localised welding

With Laser welding it is possible to make extremely localized and, consequently, very precise welding. This allows to operate even in very limited spaces where it would not be possible to intervene with traditional welding techniques such as TIG welding.

Thin seam

In Laser welding the seam is extremely thin and width is definitely slim: this avoids the risks resulting from an excess of welding (which could happen in the TIG welding process) while obtaining a welding line of pleasant visual effect.

Laser welding allows to obtain localised, precise and mechanically more resistant welding on all types of metal

Laser welding TIG

No thermal shock

The parts are not subjected to thermal shock (such as in the case of traditional welding process) and therefore maintain their structural resistance. For example, hardened alloys are not re-cooked at high welding temperatures.

No force applied

Laser welding does not apply any tensile force during welding and subsequent cooling. These forces, which can be found in traditional welding methods, can create different problems such as deformation of the elements themselves, unintended movements, etc.


The parts to be welded are suitably prepared, through mechanical machining (e.g. milling, surface cleaning through shot peening or ultrasonic washing, etc), in order to obtain the maximum result from Laser welding.


If necessary, the parts are worked at the end of the process in order to remove the welding excess. In any case this operation is often not necessary because the welding seams generated by Laser welding are extremely small and little protruding from the surface.

Laser welding TIG

Suggested applications

→ Repair of cracks or ruptures of cylinders, crankcases and endothermic engine bases
→ Cylinder blocks and engine bases restoration
→ Cylinder heads repair
→ Frames repair

Questions to which the treatment answers

→ Which is a superior welding than TIG welding?

Laser welding

Laser welding

Laser welding

The synergy between the treatments offered by Precise Technology allows the offer of a service unique in its kind: the possibility of submit the components to two or more treatments in order to follow all the process from beginning to the end and obtain an unsurpassed finished product.

The elements intended for Laser welding can be previously:
— Machined
— Solvent or ultrasonic cleaned
— Micro shot peened

The Laser welded elements can receive other coatings such as:
— Powder coating

Laser welding TIG

Pick-up and delivery

The headquarter of Precise Technology SA is strategically located in Chiasso so that it can easily serve, through an organized logistics network, the whole Swiss territory, the whole Italian territory and, more generally, all Europe. Thanks to the pick-up and delivery service, the company can apply the Laser welding (alternative to traditional welding) to corporate and private customers located in Italy, Switzerland and all Europe.

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