Laboratory Analysis

It is possible to perform advanced laboratory tests on customer details to verify the effective value of the performed treatments

Rockwell and Vikers hardness test

The hardness tests are performed on all types of materials in order to test the Vikers surface hardness (HV) and in relation to the Rockwell depth (HRC). Micro-hardness tests can also be performed on very thin coatings.

Hardness roughness test metallographic analysis

Roughness test

Average Ra roughness, Rq and Rz quadratic average roughness and Rmax maximum roughness values can be detected. The instruments also allows to detect very low roughness values: up to nanometric levels (Ra 0.001).

Metallographic analysis

Metallographic analyses are particularly useful to analyze and identify the type of metal alloy to which dedicate the correct cycle of treatments; they also allow to measure the effects of certain treatments including thickness and depth of penetration.

Salt spray test

Performed in compliance with UNI ISO 9227 NSS the salt spray test allows to verify the resistance to corrosion by atmospheric agents of ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts in order to evaluate the effects of various treatments and coatings.

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