Super Fin

Functional treatment for a low friction surface

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Applications: metal alloys of any type (aluminum, steel, inconel, titanium, etc), plastic materials
Properties: anti-friction, anti-wear, performing

Super Fin is a chemical/physical non-abrasive isotropic superfinishing process, obtained with innovative methods, alternative and superior than traditional lapping and grinding

Isotropic superfinishing lapping increase smoothness

Minimum surface roughness

The Ra surface roughness value which can be obtained by isotropic superfinishing is, progressively, less than 0.01. With superfinishing nanometric values like Ra 0.005 can be reached, far less than by traditional lapping or grinding, to the advantage of increasing smoothness and reducing friction.

Non-oriented texture

The micro-texture of the surface, after being subjected to isotropic superfinishing, has no preferential directions of geometric conformation exalting the strength of the treated details, and facilitating lubricant retention in order to maximize smoothness and minimize friction. This characteristic is not found on components treated with traditional grinding or lapping that instead do not eliminate the roughness but only reduce it.

Isotropic superfinishing significantly reduces frictions, noise and operating temperatures increasing at the same time, smoothness, performance, durability and reliability of components.

Geometries conservation

Isotropic superfinishing has no harmful effects on the geometry of the treated parts. The treatment thickness is zero: it is not a coating but a conversion of the original surface.

Unaltered dimensionality

In the treatment of isotropic superfinishing, contrary to what happens with conventional lapping or grinding, no material is removed from the surface of the treated components but the conversion coating is completely removed producing a specular aspect that suggests the levels reachable in terms of increased smoothness and reduction of friction.

Control and repeatability

The isotropic superfinishing process, as traditional grinding and lapping, is controlled and perfectly repeatable endless times obtaining identical and symmetrical details. This feature offers the advantage of being able to replace, at a later time, a treated component with another superfinished.

Isotropic superfinishing increases mechanical performance: applied to cars or motorcycles improves engine and vehicle performance

Isotropic superfinishing grinding reduce friction

Made at low temperatures

The processing of isotropic superfinishing is carried out, as well as in the case of traditional grinding and lapping, at low temperatures, therefore the pieces do not suffer any alteration from overheating.

Unaltered resistance

The isotropic superfinishing process is based on a surface conversion reaction that does not generate hydrogen. The treatment is therefore metallurgically safe and the components maintain unaltered their structural resistance without any risk of embrittlement.

Isotropic superfinishing allows a measurable performance advantage from +3% to +8% depending on the type of engine and transmission

Isotropic superfinishing lapping reduce friction

The most evident advantages found on the parts treated with isotropic superfinishing are the reduction of friction and the increase of smoothness induced by the extremely smooth, shiny and specular surface. Reduced friction and increased smoothness get to a significant reduction in noise and operating temperatures, eliminating pitting on gears and reducing usury and parasitic frictions.

Suggested applications

→ Endothermic engines mechanical parts
→ Mechanical transmissions and kinematics
→ Gear motors
→ Ball and roller bearings
→ Compressors parts
→ Electric cars and motorbikes
→ Pedal assisted bicycles
→ Firearms parts
→ Mechanisms of any kind

Questions to which the treatment answers

→ How to increase smoothness?
→ How to reduce friction?
→ What is isotropic superfinishing?
→ Which is an alternative and superior treatment to lapping?
→ Which is an alternative and superior treatment to grinding?

Isotropic superfinishing reduce friction

Isotropic superfinishing lapping grinding

Isotropic superfinishing increase smoothness

The synergy between the treatments offered by Precise Technology allows the offer of a service unique in its kind: the possibility of submit the components to two or more treatments in order to follow all the process from beginning to the end and obtain an unsurpassed finished product.

The elements intended for Pearl Shield can be previously:
— Solvent or ultrasonic cleaned
— Re-pickled from previous treatments
— Micro shot peened

The Super Fin treated elements can receive other coatings such as:
— Harden Black
— Pearl Shield
— Carbon Slide
— Passivations to restore components to their original visual appearance (blackened or grey tone)

Isotropic superfinishing

Pick-up and delivery

The headquarter of Precise Technology SA is strategically located in Chiasso so that it can easily serve, through an organized logistics network, the whole Swiss territory, the whole Italian territory and, more generally, all Europe. Thanks to the pick-up and delivery service, the company can apply Super Fin treatment (isotropic superfinishing alternative and superior than traditional lapping and grinding) to corporate and private customers located in Italy, Switzerland and all Europe.

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